In the very competitive markets around the Boston area, sellers get very worried about whether they need to update their houses before selling. Some sellers feel if they don’t update their laminate counter-tops, no-one will buy their home. They think it can only be torn down.


Granite counters do not make a bit of difference when selling your home, DEPENDING upon your price point. If you want to put a price tag of $1Million then the counter-tops might need to look snazzy. The $1M price tag better have an updated kitchen or if not, it might need to have a great flow like a classic colonial, or a great yard, or in a great neighborhood or all three!

However, if your house is below the $900k price point…


You know what else that means for sellers? It also doesn’t matter if you have the new “greige” paint on your walls, or the throw placed just perfectly over the duvet cover on the master bedroom that has been completely emptied of everything except your bed!

Don’t let the other realtors force you into making your house a museum. Only one person can BUY your house!  It does not increase the net profit you will receive when selling your home to spend on this update.

The stats don’t lie! Take for example Lexington. When you compare the number of homes that sold between $700k and $800k over the past 12 months and compared the average sales price of homes with granite counters to homes without, do you want to know what the difference was? It was $11,000. Do you know what the average granite cost is for a normal size kitchen? That is correct, $11,000!!!!

So don’t be goaded into updating your counters for the next owners. Take the money with you and go on vacation, or put granite counters in the new place you purchase! But just remember, granite counters aren’t the end all be all to selling your home!